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Why the Number On The Scale Shouldn’t Matter

It is no surprise that to many, weight is an important factor in their fitness journey and daily life. However, is the number we see on the scale a conclusive measure of our wellbeing, life, and self-worth? The issue is that our mood and sense of worth are tied to that one specific detail, but are we giving it more importance than we should.  Our Enhance Fitness Trainer Poppy says we certainly are, and here’s why. 

1- Muscle Is Much More Dense Than Fat 

Although they weigh the same, muscle is much denser than fat.  When fat is converted to muscle, the scale won’t be of much help and accuracy since your weight might remain the same, but your body will show a difference. 

2- You Had a High Carb Day

You may have noticed that after eating a lot of carbs in a day, you may appear to gain a few pounds overnight. Weird, right? It’s actually quite normal and most likely temporary due to the way that our body metabolizes carbohydrates rather than true weight gain.

3- Time of Day

EVERYBODY’S weight fluctuates throughout the day! The average change is 2 to 5 pounds, and it’s due to fluid shifts. So, if you feel a bit heavier at night, that’s normal and there’s no need to lose sleep over it. 


According to Poppy, here’s what you should really focus on instead:

  1. How you feel physically and mentally

If you feel happy and healthy, then do you really need the number to tell you otherwise? At the end of the day, weight is just a number!

  1. How your clothes are making you feel

Something as simple as feeling 100% in your favorite pair of jeans may give you a better indicator of checking your progress and giving yourself a well-deserved boost of confidence. 

  1. How active you are

The best thing you can do is make physical activity a central part of your daily life (and most importantly) make it fun like a weekend hike or bike ride, or a day at the beach swimming in the ocean. If you can do all that and enjoy life with a burst of energy, then maybe, just maybe it’s time you embrace a scale-free life. 

Remember, weight is JUST A NUMBER!