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4 Simple Ways to Hack Healthy and Mindful Eating Just in Time for the Holidays, According to Pro Nutritionists

When we think of the holiday season, healthy cooking is not the first thing that comes to mind. Let’s face it – running around for last-minute gift shopping, sending end-of-year reports at work, finalizing those long-awaited holiday travel plans, and simply keeping track of all the dinner gatherings don’t exactly put your well-being at the top of your priority list.

We chatted with our expert nutritionists on how to feel your best this year, and here are some of our favorite tips on prioritizing your self-care without restricting yourself from flavorful foods and drinks or skipping out on the festivities.

Take Your Festive Drinks Into Consideration.

Since most of us probably aren’t going to give up drinking entirely, there are healthier ways to drink. According to our nutritionist, you should steer clear of drinks that tend to be high in sugar, fat, and calories. If you’re going to grab a drink, reach for clear liquors that tend to be lower in calorie content. 

Sugar isn’t the only thing you need to worry about – holiday beverages can act as a food enabler and can often put your guard down, allowing you to eat more. Consider having healthy snacks with you to keep you from going for excess food. And the last thing you need to keep in mind? Moderation. Limit yourself to three glasses a night while drinking lots of water in between to keep you hydrated. 

Practice Mindful Eating. 

When you first arrive at a gathering, fill at least half your plate with veggies, proteins, and grains. 

If you finish your food and want something else, go ahead and grab your favorite holiday treat. The key is not to feel deprived or guilty, but to be mindful of healthier options first.  

Another thing you can do is bring all your senses to the meal. As you chew your food, try identifying all the ingredients, put down your utensil between bites to chat with friends, and chew well and slowly to taste the essence of the meal. 

Avoid Nibbling If You Are Cooking Dinner At Home. 

It can sometimes be hard to prevent yourself from nibbling on foods mindlessly while cooking. While it may not seem so, but even a few bites here and there can add calories to your diet. What you can do instead is drink lots of water before you start cooking, or eat a small, healthy snack beforehand. This way, you can enjoy the bigger meals with your guests while having dinner. 

Prepare Healthy Snacks to Keep the Party Going. 

Every party calls for delicious snacks! Include one of these quick and healthy appetizers to your gathering and throw your guilt out the window. 

  • Dried fruits and raw nuts
  • Dark chocolate-dipped berries
  • Ginger oatmeal cinnamon cookies 
  • Raw veggies and guacamole dip 
  • Low-fat yellow cheese with light crackers and low-sugar jam
  • Hommos dip with veggies
  • Baked shrimps with dip
  • Glazed raw nuts with Christmas spices
  • Fresh mozzarella with cherry tomatoes with basil and balsamic drizzle on a stick